Mozilla Mccoy tool from the command line

We have seen in the previous post how to build an headless xulrunner application.
My first use case was enabling the Mozilla Mccoy application to launch from command line. That allows me to build a bash script which create nightly builds of a firefox extension automatically updated by Firefox every day!.

Here is the resulting Mccoy version :

Now, a summary of each command line arguments :
# Create a new named public/private key
$ ./mccoy -createKey mykey
Creating key with name : mykey
Public key : MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDbV+ZGXs658dOm/+4YtT+VzT5JWzMFYiQ8155fnMkOJCina2yDEBq8Lvi5qF5SyoMDkqaYeO51LR+B4p1g7oWmBW9HbOz3eA9lD/AHUR1SHiJAX7RQq8v9sPSkYta+LyVrCMFgpTmhOWPUXOnwalmL7syGkXyjxHqHCYz+s3d22QIDAQAB
The key has been successfully created!

List all keys in the current mccoy profile

/!\ Don't forget to save your profile!

$ ./mccoy -listKeys Registered keys :

  • mykey

Inject the public key in your extension's install.rdf

$ ./mccoy -installRDF myextension_workdir/install.rdf -key myextensionkey Public key inserted!

Update the signature of the update xml file

$ ./mccoy -signRDF update.xml -key mykey Sign < update.xml > with key < mykey > Sign addon : File signed!

Check if the update xml file is correctly signed

$ ./mccoy -verifyRDF update.xml -key myextensionkey Check rdf : update.xml with key myextensionkey Valid signature!