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Firefox Everywhere

After Yoono Desktop Portable, here is Firefox Everywhere : a customized Firefox package which can be executed on any OS : Windows, Linux, MacOS and with a shared profile directory allowing you to travel with all your Firefox data on a usb stick!

Check out this surf session starting on Windows, firefox-portable-win.png Then on Linux, firefox-portable-linux.png And finally on a Mac! firefox-portable-mac.png




  • Don’t forget to properly disconnect your usb stick, or your profile may explode!
  • This version is based on Firefox 3.6 branch in order to gain startup performance improvements of this incoming version! So don’t be afraid to have a browser named Namoroka instead of Firefox.
  • On Windows, execute: launch-windows.exe
  • On MacOS, launch-macos.command
  • On Linux, either or 32bits)