Session restore as a Web Extension

Session Restore is a built-in Firefox feature which preserve user data after a crash or an unexpected close. I spent a little time exploring if it is possible to build such a feature as an replaceable web extension.

Here is a sketch of session store implemented as a web extension:

This addon currently save'n restore:

Missing features (compared to the built-in session restore):

To get the above points working, it is a matter of time and possibly some tweaks to the current Web Extensions APIs.

Yes. It is possible to implement a core Firefox feature with the [in-progress implementation][3] of Web Extension APIs. It also shows the limitations of the current Chrome APIs. For example in order to fully support tab history, the APIs may needs to be extended.

Source code is available on github. A pre-release version is also available. Don't forget to toggle xpinstall.signatures.required preference to false from about:config to be able to install it.


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